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Workcamp in Divnogorie

Irina Yarochkina and Daria Opanchuk shared their impressions of  volunteer’s workcamp in Divnogorie (Voronezh Oblast, federal subject of Russia)

 Irina Yarochkina

"When I finally got an opportunity to travel somewhere as volunteer this summer, I started to follow Goodsurfing news closely. So when I saw a vacancy to Divnogorie, I immediately realized: «That’s what I need!».

About this place, Divnogorie, I’ve heard before from my friend and have seen picturesque photos. The conditions also fitted me well and without thinking twice I decided to experience participation in the volunteer project for the first time! I tried not to expect anything in particular: come what may! And... my first volunteer experience turned out to be excellent at 100%!

I saw surprisingly beautiful chalky mountains and boundless steppes! I met wonderful people! I learned a lot of interesting information and, of course, got a plenty of impressions!

The work in the reserve was, frankly speaking, not so hard, and during our spare time project organizers did everything for volunteers not to get bored! We had excursions to Ostrogozhsk, the reserve, caves and monastery. Even an exciting quest was organized! We also had evening picnic at the time of full moon and film screening with a projector in the chalkpit!

We had was very diverse team: volunteers from different cities and countries, of different ages and with various hobbies, thanks to that the communication was very productive! I learned new recipes, heard about new interesting books, festivals. Hope I’ll have an opportunity for more volunteering next year!"

Daria Opanchuk

Two years ago I found out information about the existence of volunteer residence in Divnogorie and the reserve.  After viewing the photos of these places, reading the feedback of other volunteers about the residence, I longed to visit it. Fortunately, this summer I became a participant of the volunteer project in Divnogorie.

Even before coming to these lands, I knew for sure that I was going to meet wonderful people, and I wasn’t mistaken. The atmosphere in the volunteer camp was very friendly. The projects united volunteers not only from Russia, but from other countries also. Due to this fact, we managed to revive our English speaking skills a little. I think that the schedule was successful: 3 hours pf work in the morning at the residence and 3 hours after lunch in the reserve, so we had enough time to rest. By the way, beautiful and clean Tikhaya Sosna river (eng. Quite Pine) was located in 15 minutes’ walk, and  going up from the house to the hill, we could admire wonderful views of the surrounding hills, and Divnogorie could be seen in the distance. The railway passed very close to camping. The noise of passing trains scared at first, but then we got used to it. There is even something fascinating, when, lying in a tent, we fell asleep with the clatter of wheels. In the reserve we cleaned the garbage, then demolished the paved road and made a new one, cut the bushes along the road, weeded the eco-paths. In the residence, we had cleared the territory of excess vegetation, prepared sites for new tents and built a wicker fence.

Two weeks passed as one day and the feeling that we could do more left in our hearts. In exchange for the applied physical exercise, the residence gave a huge energy impulse and inspired all participants for new achievements. Many thanks to Milana for her hospitality and tenderness, excursion to the reserve, a trip to Ostrogozhsk and local history museum, the organization of  wonderful night movie in the chalkpit, thanks to Vlad - for creating a friendly warm atmosphere in the camping and for the interesting quest, thanks to Vsevolod - for yoga, to Masha - for tasty apple drinks, to Olya- for delicious lunches and dinners (and for no less delicious soft drinks too), as well as for the captured on the camera moments of our camp life. Moreover in our spare time we managed to visit the Assumption monastery and chalk cave.

I hope that the residence will develop in the coming years, interesting events will be organized and it will become good-looking and receive volunteers from different cities of Russia and other countries under one roof. I believe, once I will return there again!"

кино вид

забор кино

 работа вид


Author of the text - Irina Yarochkina and Daria Opanchuk

Translated by - Ludmila Krivenok

Date of event - summer 2017

Date of publication - 23.01.2018

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